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Wearing Permanent Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Full Lip Color

Tired of drawing on your brows and eyeliner? Lipstick won't stay on? Permanent Makeup might be the perfect solution for you! Beautiful brows, eyeliner and lip color that won't smudge or wipe off!

Permanent makeup services are tattoo procedures. The risks are minimal however any  time skin is broken there is healing and recovery that must take place. Aftercare is simple, but essential, and you should plan your procedure at a time when you do not have   important   social,  business  or travel plans for a few days. 

Please  plan  approximately  30 minutes for a consultation and an additional 90 minutes for a procedure. Consultation and services can be done on the same day. 

Your complimentary follow-up, if needed, is part of your service and takes place 4-6 weeks after your initial visit. 

All permanent makeup designs are customized just for you. I use high quality equipment and pigments. I have done thousands of procedures and have developed extremely effective techniques to create beautiful, long lasting results. 

Brows are the  most important design element of the face and can employ many techniques: nano/micro-hairline, shading, multi-color, etc. From blond to redhead to brunette to the darkest hair color.  Tonal value is critical- if your brows aren't the right color, they won't look good!

Eyeliner varies dramatically according to client preference: color, thickness, placement, etc. You might like upper liner only or lower liner only. You might like to have color on the inner rim or an accent color. It's all about how you want it to look. 

Lip liner and full lip color is also formulated to suit your personal preferences. You can have full, vibrant color. You can have a subtle lip liner to restore shape and fullness. You can have a natural overall blush if you just want to gloss and go. 

You will have a very realistic expectation of finished shape, placement and color before your service begins. 

Your Permanent Makeup will have a long lasting result and will not necessarily need to be redone every 8-24 months. Over time, pigments do start to fade and, at some point, you might like to have the color refreshed. 

If you have had Permanent Makeup done in the past and are in need of a color refresh or if you are unhappy with how it looks, please consider  having a consultation with me. I am able to do amazing things to correct color and shape from prior undesirable or faded procedures. 

I also offer 3D Areola Tattoo for women who have had reconstruction or simply want a more uniform, youthful look. 


Consultations are complimentary

Custom Brows  $450

Eyeliner upper $275

Eyeliner lower $225

Eyeliner both $450

Specialty Eyeliner $500 

Lip Liner $425

Full Lip Color $600

3D Areola $200 Per Hour

Other-  Per Quote  

You must be at least 18 years old to have a service. I reserve the right to refuse to perform a service. 

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