Permanent makeup services are tattoo procedures. The risks are minimal, however any time skin is broken there is healing and recovery that must take place. Aftercare is simple,  but essential, and you should plan your procedure at a time when you do not have important social, business or travel plans for a few days. Complete healing takes place in  7-10 days, during which time your new makeup can look too dark or harsh. 

Please plan approximately 30 minutes for a consultation or 2 hours for a procedure. It is not required to have a consultation prior to scheduling your service, however if you are having eyeliner, you should go home promptly following your service. Other pre-procedure guidelines will be discussed over the phone prior to your visit. Your complimentary follow-up, if needed, is part of your service and takes place 4-6 weeks after your initial visit. 

All permanent makeup designs are customized just for you.  Brows are the  most important design element of the face and can employ many techniques: shading, micro-hairline, multi-color, etc. Appropriate tonal value for brows is critical. I use high quality pigments and often custom mix colors. Eyeliner varies dramatically according to client preference: color, thickness, placement, etc.  You will have a very realistic expectation of  your finished look and colors before your service begins. 

Lip liner and full lip color services are available, but I do require a full consultation prior to booking those procedures. Not everyone is a good candidate for lip color and there are important pre-procedure and post-procedure considerations.  

I have been in the beauty industry for 34 years, have been a licensed, professional, full time Permanent Makeup Artist for over 18 years and  have performed thousands of procedures. I use high quality supplies and equipment. Your safety and sanitation are premier. A beautiful, long lasting result is always the goal. 


Consultations are complimentary

Custom Brows  $450

Eyeliner upper $275

Eyeliner lower $225

Eyeliner both $450

Specialty Eyeliner $500 

Lip Liner $425

Full Lip Color $600

Other-  Per Quote  

You must be at least 18 years old to have a service. I reserve the right to refuse to perform a service. 

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